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Mairin and I sat together in the Pokémon Center's busy cafeteria, enjoying our lunch while the wall-mounted TV caught our attention. The newscast began and two reporters, a woman and a man, appeared on screen and discussed the recent achievements of upcoming Orange Archipelago Champion Ash Ketchum.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have an incredible story for you today!" The woman exclaimed excitedly. “Renowned Trainer Ash Ketchum made headlines again by defeating the Kalos Champion Diantha! And look, his Mega Lucario managed to defeat Diantha's impressive Mega Gardevoir!"

"That's correct! Ash Ketchum has proven time and time again to be a force to be reckoned with.” The man continued enthusiastically. "Not only is he an all-around master demonstrating his incredible knowledge across multiple Pokémon types, but he's also currently working towards his third championship as a Flight Master!"

Mairin turned to me, a mixture of surprise and admiration on her face. "Wow, Alain, did you hear that? Ash has defeated Diantha, the Kalos Champion! And now he wants to be a flight master too! He keeps reaching new heights.”

I could only nod in agreement as I couldn't take my eyes off the news. Ever since I found out about Ash Ketchum, I have a new goal in my life: not only do I want to get stronger with Charizard, I want to defeat him too. My Charizard wants to defeat Ash's Charizard, who is considered the second strongest Charizard in the world. I don't know why I wasn't obsessed with Leon, who has the most powerful Charizard in the world. Maybe it's because Ash and I are the same age, or maybe it's because Ash's Charizard has a Charizard X like me... or maybe it's because he opened my eyes to the truth about Lysandre .

The reporters continued their discussion, emphasizing Ash's role as the Ace Captain Ranger, using his abilities to protect Pokémon and fight criminals.

"Ash is not only an exceptional trainer, he continues to take on the role of an Ace Captain Ranger." The man commented, impressed. "He was actively involved in arresting poachers and criminals, keeping Pokémon safe and people well-being in different regions."

The woman nodded gravely. "That's correct. Ash's commitment to Pokémon and his sense of justice are truly commendable. He's making a significant impact not only as a trainer, but also as a guardian of the Pokémon world."

Guardian of the Pokémon world... that suits him quite well,I was lost in thought.Well, he's the saint after all.As the news section ended, I felt a renewed sense of determination and admiration for Ash Ketchum. I knew my own journey through Kalos would be filled with challenges, but I was more determined than ever to grow and learn from Ash's example, just as he had throughout his remarkable Pokémon journey.I just hope mine will be less adventurous than his. I can't manage to face Legendaries once, let alone weekly!

Mairin and I finished eating and prepared to head out to do our daily business. As we ventured through the misty mountains in search of the ancient ruins, we were filled with anticipation. The discovery of the ancient tablet piqued our curiosity about Mega Evolution and we were dying to learn more.

Until Mairin stumbled and slid down a hill while her scream echoed through the mountains and made my blood run cold.

But to our surprise, a hand reached out to help her up. It was Steven Stone, the Hoenn champion.

"Careful," Steven scolded her lightly with a friendly smile. “It seems the terrain can be treacherous. Are you both alright?”

Mairin, blushing and slightly nervous, thanked Steven for his help. My comforting heartbeat accelerated again when I spotted the mega stickpin that adorned Steven's jacket. Excited this time.

"Steven Stone, the champion of Hoenn," I began, earning his full attention. I immediately realized that he was aware of my position as a spy. I didn't know what to think of it. "Your fight against the ex-champion was impressive."

"Well I got bored and wanted to get my crown back," Steven grinned. "Wallace wanted to sit back and focus more on Pokemon coordination and Pokemon styling."

My competitive spirit flared and I couldn't resist the urge to test my skills against the famous Hoenn champion. "Since we met Steven, how about a fight? A Mega Evolution fight!” Steven, always up for a challenge, accepted it with a smile. He summoned his Shiny Metagross and I unleashed his trusty Charizard onto the field. "Charizard, it's time to show them the true power of Mega Evolution! Mega Evolve!

Charizard transformed into the formidable Mega Charizard X, whose power radiated onto the battlefield. Stevens Metagross followed suit and became the Mega Metagross. Mairin watched in awe as the fierce battle unfolded before her eyes. Mega Charizard unleashed a powerful flamethrower, but Steven's Mega Metagross used Psychic to channel the attack into the sky.

"Excellent control, Alain." Steven complimented me and made me grin. "Now let's see how you deal with it. Mega Metagross, Flash Cannon!” The blast hit home, draining Mega Charizard's stamina. Undeterred, Mega Charizard countered with a Dragon Claw but was hit by a Meteor Mash from Mega Metagross. Despite the blow, Mega Charizard stood his ground, ready to unleash his Ultimate Attack while I commanded a devastating Blast Burn to ensure victory. "Impressive resilience, Alain. But don't count us out yet. Mega Metagross, take it!”

Mega Metagross stood firm and was hardly affected by the direct hit. Steven's confidence was reflected in his words. Before the final blow could be delivered, a Pyroar appeared out of nowhere, disrupting the fight with a powerful flamethrower. My heart skipped a beat, I know this Pyroar. The Pokemon belonged to Lysandre, the businessman and owner of Lysandre Labs in Kalos...the hidden leader of Team Flare and the man I was supposed to spy on. who IBinEspionage.

I never thought that I would become a spyI thought angrily.If only I had never found Lysandre that day, or at least not accepted the offer he made me. What an idiot I was.I caught my attention again when Lysandre revealed his interest in Mega Evolution and his desire to use its energy for peaceful purposes. He approached Steven with a proposal for a collaboration.This is not good.

“Steven, as Hoenn's champion and geologist, your expertise would be invaluable to our research. Together we can unleash the true potential of Mega Evolution to improve the world.”

"Lysandre, noble as your intentions may be," Steven began with a polite smile. Ha! To the right! Noble, my ass! "I recently regained my position as champion of Hoenn. I'm afraid I don't have the time to devote myself to such research at the moment.” I could tell Lysandre wasn't happy with Steven's answer, but there was nothing he could do. Especially against someone as strong as Steven Stone. As Steven passed me, he whispered. "Leave the mountains, what you seek is gone and destroyed."

It took all my strength not to react and to train my facial expressions. With a final nod to Lysandre, I yanked Mairin away, not wanting her to spend another second near that horrible man. Neither do I, to be honest. Lysandre is a dangerous man, after all. I can't wait for Ash to take care of him once and for all!


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