MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (2023)

MP3 Monkey is a curated and well-known site that offers a huge collection of legal hits. Clean UI design makes it easy to stream and download songs for free in a few clicks. Since MP3 Monkey music download site is so good, why do we need to present the alternatives? The reasons are explained below and we have selected the best MP3 Monkey alternatives (desktop software and similar sites) for you.

Why is MP3 Monkey Music Download Site Not Working? was it gone

When I visit it says "Website temporarily unavailable". Is it permanently suspended or temporarily closed? When will it work? We cannot confirm this as there is no exact official news about MP3 Monkey.

Also, I've checked some related articles listing a number of MP3 Monkey's mirror/proxy sites and clicked on each of the links, but the results are the same - "Site Temporarily Unavailable". Finally, I understand that the mirror/proxy sites are used to unblock MP3 Monkey (for the areas that need to access the site via VPN).

Maybe, as Reddit users said, MP3 Monkey music download site was gone and you can no longer download free songs from it.

MP3 Monkey alternatives for Mac and Windows

#1. iFunia YouTube-Downloader (Mac)

iFunia YouTube-DownloaderAims directly at downloading videos or tracks from a variety of sites like College Humor, Soundcloud, Metacafe, Vimeo, and of course YouTube. It makes the whole downloading process more efficient than MP3 Monkey and applies to the whole range of quality (easily downloading music up to 320kbps).

Characteristics of the MP3 Monkey Alternative Mac:


  • Automatically detects the link of the song copied to the clipboard
  • HD 1080P herunterladen, UHD 4P and even 8K videos
  • Download music from 1000+ media sites
  • Support to download YouTube playlist
  • Save all your videos/audios in MP4 or MP3
  • Allows you to queue multiple files for download

Steps to Download MP3 Music on Mac:

Step 1.Downloadand install iFunia YouTube Downloader and open it on Mac.

Step 2. Copy the song URL from any audio hosting site e.g. youtube. The URL will be directly pasted into the iFunia MP3 Monkey alternative due to the auto-detect feature.

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Step 3. Click the "+" button to start downloading songs on Mac. If necessary, you can go to Mac menu bar > click "File" > select "Enter URLs" to add two or more links to start music download with iFunia in batch.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (3)

Step 4. Choose "mp3-audio" as the output format and press the buttonMP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (4)Taste.

(Video) KIDZ BOP Kids - Dance Monkey (Official Music Video)

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (5)

#2. MediaHuman YouTube-zu-MP3-Konverter (Windows)

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter is a great option forDownload MP3 musicon Windows. It delivers high quality up to 320kbps and offers a delightfully straightforward interface that still gives you plenty of control over all your downloaded songs.

Features der MP3 Monkey Alternative Windows:

  • Besides YouTube, it also supports downloading from other websites like VEVO, SoundCloud, etc
  • Download multiple MP3 songs at once
  • Download songs from a channel or playlist
  • Compatible with multiple platforms

Note: This MP3 Monkey alternative takes a lot of time to analyze and load the audio tracks you want to download. And sometimes, the URL may not be parsed, showing the 1056 “Socket operation timed out” error on its interface.

Steps to download MP3 music on Windows:

  1. Run MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter on Windows.
  2. Open any song from YouTube, Bandcamp, Mixcloud, etc. in the browser and copy the URL to the clipboard.
  3. Return to the software and click the Insert Link button on the toolbar. Your song information will appear in the Downloads list.
  4. Click the down arrow to download a single song, or click the Start All button at the top right to perform multiple music downloads.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (6)

6 Alternative Sites for MP3 Monkey Music Download (Free)

MP3Skulls has been around for several years and should be one of the best alternatives to MP3 Monkey. It contains millions of upcoming artists and allows you to search countless songs from YouTube, 4Share and Deezer.

  1. Enter the keyword or the full name of the song in the search box and click the "Search" button.
  2. Locate your target song and click the "Download" button.
  3. Select "MP3 Music" option for audio download.

When I prepare to download music using this free MP3 Monkey alternative, it redirects to and tricking you into downloading their software or plugins. I tried it a couple of times and each time it went to a different page. It wasn't successful until I downloaded the mp3 music for the sixth time.

(Video) Good Person - Ft. Roomie (Official Music Video)

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (7)

Another site like MP3 Monkey, Jungle Vibe has a huge database that stores tons of free MP3 files. You can search your favorite music from Explore Charts, Top by Genre and Trending Artists.

  1. Like MP3Skulls, just search for the MP3 song you want to download.
  2. Press the "Enter" key.
  3. Click on the song title.
  4. Click the Download button.

Before downloading the music, MP3 Monkey alternative will ask you to register an account with provided email address, Visa/Master card and CVV2. Also note that when you click the search box or download button, you will inevitably get annoying ads.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (8)

What makes BeeMP3s outstanding is its clear navigation and home page, which helps you to quickly find the song you want by searching by top 20 artists, top 20 songs and last 20 and recently added or by name Search by artist sorted by letter A to Z.

  1. Search for a song or artist name.
  2. Click the download link to get your MP3 music.

Like the first two MP3 Monkey alternatives, BeeMP3s comes with risks of malware, adware, bogus resource and hoax searches. Whether you can successfully download MP3 songs depends on the odds.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (9)

Protected by the Artistic Commons license, Jamendo Music includes a library of more than 400,000 independent songs. You can create a playlist in this best alternative to MP3 Monkey or access Radio, Explore and Selections to search for the most beautiful song.

(Video) OMC - How Bizarre (Official Music Video)

  1. Find the target song.
  2. Click on the download icon and it will redirect to a new web page.
  3. Click the "Free download for personal use in MP3 quality" button.

Make sure to download the free mp3 music online as not all songs are licensed under creative commons. The track with a "Pro" button next to it is not free.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (10)

My Free MP3 is an open-and-shut MP3 Monkey alternative that acts as a search engine for finding songs in your favorite genre. It allows you to download music for free directly and without registration.

  1. Enter a keyword in the search box and sort by Date, Popular, or Longest.
  2. Click the Search button. It shows you the top 100 results after entering the query.
  3. Choose the one that best suits you and click the gray download button.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (11)

Free Music Archive, a music archive, contains many high-quality and free songs, all organized in a wide range of genres. The songs available from this MP3 Monkey alternative are uploaded with CC license and free.

  1. Find the song: type the name > click the "Go" button (next to it there is an inverted triangle icon, you can click the icon and select the "Find Music" option).
  2. Just download the music as MP3.

MP3 Monkey Music Download was gone? 8 alternatives! (12)

Other sites similar to MP3 Monkey:

  • Open Music Archive:
  • mp3INT:
  • eMP3-Downloads:
  • MP3Juices:
  • Loudtronix:
  • MP3raid:
  • MP3Clan:

Where do the online mp3 monkey alternatives fall short?

  • May be shut down at any time due to injury or other reasons.
  • Not 100% sure. The floating ads or popup ads on the webpage can trick you into downloading virus program.
  • Some websites require you to sign up to download music so they can send unscrupulous spam to your mailbox.
  • Lack of certain key features compared to professional MP3 Monkey alternative software, such as B. Batch download and 8K track download support.


Although MP3 Monkey music download site was temporarily unavailable, there are many alternative ways to download high quality MP3 songs. If you don't often listen to music offline, the online MP3 Monkey alternatives will suffice. But for users who need to download music from different websites frequently, use a professional software likeiFunia YouTube-Downloaderis a unique approach.

(Video) Arctic Monkeys - Hold On, We're Going Home (Drake) in the Live Lounge


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Jan 3, 2023


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